Episode 44 | Anna Brakefield

Anna Brakefield | Red Land Cotton


Anna Brakefield is the daughter of cotton farmer Mark Yeager. Since 1983 Mark has had a vision and ambition to turn his cotton into something the whole family can take pride in. With his knowledge of the cotton market he knew he could do more with his high quality crop. Having his family by his side, Mark set out to create heirloom inspired linens from the cotton grown on his land. And from this vision, Red Land Cotton was born.

From the seed to the sheet, Red Land Cotton has complete control over each step in the process to create their products. This is the farming techniques used to grow the cotton to the custom gin used on their farm. The process of being spun and woven, the finishing touches and lastly the shipping. Every step assures that the finished product will be of the highest quality. AND every step occurs in the Southern United States. Red Land Cotton is doing their part to bring manufacturing back to the United States.

To order the sheets, quilts, towels or lounge wear visit www.redlandcotton.com and use code: SOUTHERN20 to receive 20% off your order!!!!

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