Episode 45 | Neillie Butler

Neillie Butler | Mariee Ami


Neillie Butler is a force. And I really don’t know any other way to say it. Of course I knew of her successes in the Wedding Industry, her prowess among the Engage and Summitt Circuits, even her S T U N N I N G images on Pinterest. But when I heard her begin to tell her story about how she got there, I saw Neillie for who she really is, which is a gift.

See, somewhere around 5th grade Neillie’s teacher noticed that she was struggling in school. Parents had been called in, a conference had occurred and she overheard the teacher tell her parents that they could basically give up the dream of college because she would never get there. Of course that was all the gasoline that little miss Neillie needed, as she worked her way right through grade school and all the way into the University of Alabama.

If the story ended there we would call her an overcomer and move on. While early into her college tenure she began to feel very sick and was diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer. Neillie dealt with surgeries that removed muscles from her left leg, and a long hospital stay. Trying to keep her studies up she remained faithful to her curriculum, trying to enjoy her time and be a ”normal” college girl, and then it returned not once- but twice during her college years. Both with very grim survival rates, Neillies mother began to ask her what she wanted to do WHEN SHE LIVED. Neillie wanted to be a wedding planner. She had always wanted to be a wedding planner. So, in true Neillie form, she began to plan and execute.

In 2009 she scraped enough money to buy a Sams Club Computer and began to take on any projects that would help her build her one day Mariee Ami. in 2011 she was a full blown, full service wedding and design studio and now services clients all over the world. Her story is nothing short of inspiring, and we are so THANKFUL to get to share it with you this week!

To learn more about Neillie and her award winning wedding design service, check out her website of www.marieeami.com or her instagram page @mariee_ami



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