Episode 43 | Carrie Pittman

Carrie Pittman | An Artful Perspective


Carrie Pittman is a self taught abstract artist from Birmingham, Alabama with clients all over the south, numerous accolades and her work appears on pages of various magazines. It hasn’t always been like that for Carrie, as she spent most of her late twenties and thirties doing the corporate hustle.

After going through a major breakup in her mid thirties she started back to work at her parents longstanding Insurance Agency, positioned to be the 4th generation of owner/operator. She sold bonds during the day, but at night she began to paint for therapy, longing to be free from the desk and the 8-5 working hours. So, as a “social experiment” she decided to put one of her original works of art on a Facebook Buy-Sale-Trade page with a lofty price tag of $25 dollars. Within minutes of posting, she had tons of comments from people wanting to purchase her art, and wanted to know where they could find more. As if it were an oman, the woman who bought her painting looked Carrie straight in the eye and said, “you are going to be famous one day”.

Carrie continued to climb the corporate ladder and paint in her downtime, selling her works to friends, and even giving them away jus to circulate her name. One afternoon a friend who happens to be an interior designer called and asked Carrie to do a commission for a client. That commission led to being published in a magazine, and also an art show, where she made $4000 in one night. She continued to do both for 2 years until she felt comfortable enough to move into painting full time.

She hasn’t looked back since, and now you can find Carrie Pittman Art all over the Southeast. In retail shops, online, gallery shows, magazine spreads and even HGTV. Always innovating, Carrie has expanded her mediums to include pillows, clutches, tote bags and more.

To learn more about Carrie Pittman Art, please visit her website at www.carriepittmanart.com, or visit her instagram page @carriepittmanart

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