Episode 42 | Brittany Spence

Brittany Spence | Forrest Spence Fund



We found ourselves unable to speak several times in this interview. Stunned by Brittany’s strength, we heard her tell the story of her pregnancy and birth of baby Forrest, then her heartbreaking tale of his NICU stay and untimely death. We ached with her as she told about her stay in the hospital- thinking each day might be his last after contracting strep B during birth, amazing doctors when he “woke up” again and again, until day 55. Even in his death, something began to stir within her husband David’s heart….doing more. More for the children that laid beside Forrest in their own hospital beds. More for the families that became friends as they navigated the NICU together, and MORE to honor the sweet, but too short life of baby Forrest. So in his death, there was life again when the Forrest Spence Fund was created and HOPE spread through the many, many families that it has been able to help.

The Forrest Spence Fund was established to assist with the non medical needs of families with critical or chronically ill children throughout the Mid South.

Join us Now as we Say it Southern with the brave Brittany Spence.

For more information about the Forrest Spence Fund, visit www.forrestspencefund.org

Office Location, Hours, and Contact Numbers

Forrest Spence Fund Office
3092 Poplar Avenue, Suite 15
Chickasaw Oaks Village
Memphis, TN 38111

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 8:30-4:30
Wednesday: 10-5:30

(901) 421-6909 office
(901) 646-6364 fax

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