Episode 24 | Nicole Hughes

Nicole Hughes | Levi’s Legacy


Nicole Hughes had planned the same family vacation with she and her husband’s group of friends the same as she had been every year for the past 7 years. She was the mom that always had organic snacks for the kids, chemical free sunscreen on, and Levi always in a puddle jumper. Right before the kids headed out on their crab hunting expedition they changed clothes and grabbed a snack. In Episode 24 Nicole recounts the next few minutes with us as she looks out the glass sliding windows and seems Levi’s bright yellow shirt on the bottom of the pool. This episode is different for Sarah and I as we try to grasp her words and fight through tears interviewing her, because through sweet Levi’s passing she has found strength in her mission of educating people on the astounding statistics of water safety and through a non profit formed in his memory, Levi’s Legacy. Join us as we Say it Southern with the brave Nicole Hughes.